Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Day ♥

YeeeHaaaaa ! ! i had a great time wif my CRAZYSTUPIDGAY cuzie aarston & bestie♣. .so tired le today bcoz we rent a court for 3 hour to play futsal -.-' . after dat we do our routine job . hee . as usual la GAMING . but it make me stress le coz lose evry game..DAMN. .
as i take my way to. .suddnly sum1 calling my name..hahha..actualy its CHEYQA my lil gosip mmbr :) . but we cant talk so long coz im too tired le. .i tell her to online & cont our conversation at FB . yeah! ! we did make sum1 angry le..hahah..i like it..u deserve tht BITCH . .

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