Saturday, March 5, 2011

The ART OF LIGHT GRAFFITI ! ! becoming..

Just wait..i'll make sure u will ask me how to do it ^^

the confusion at home & school -.-' (Nikon & Sony)

At home i wan using the Nikon D300 & u know wht..from the workshop..they teach me tht in order to take a good picture..just be caution & understand ur camera as like u understand ur own family :) but 1 thing make me confuse..aiyah

at school..i was the president of Photography club..the school already provide us 2 Sony alpha camera for our facilities..aiyoh..tht mean i have to study two different type camera function in the same time..wht a confusion -.-''

This is only the beginner :) (noob)

Place : my kebun bt.10
Object : Random

Place : Uncle Andrew house
Object : Mother Mary & Jesus , Decoration Glass.

Friday, March 4, 2011

the speakers of the workshop (The President of Sabah Photographic Society) is showing his interested & admired me..he won many award in international photography competition..& all of us didnt belive when he mention us about SPS (Sabah Photographic Society) is the only photography society tht is qualified to represent Malaysia to international photography event..

every participer is paying attention to the speaker..they all dont wanna miss a thing..very valuable knowledge ^^ ..for your the youngest participer in tht workshop..hahaha


PENTAX promotions !!
the only brand that produce a DSLR camera with colourfull body & lenses kit.PENTAX produced a DSLR tht couloured with rainbow,red,green,pink,white,, & black.
PENTAX had no differences compare to NIKON,CANON,SONY,OLYMPUS & wht so ever because the pixel,& functions setting is have the same standard with the other but i prefer to use NIKON (more quality,trusted)